AVA is here to work for you. I will make your life easier by taking the hassle of paperwork and administration away, leaving you with more time to do what you do best: run your business.

Services included, but not limited to:

  • Traditional PA/general admin: checking emails; making telephone calls; arranging travel; client liaison
  • Office management: file management; creating and implementing systems
  • Project management and coordination (ASANA and Trello)
  • Small events planning and coordination
  • Document creation
  • Report writing (formatting and proofreading)
  • Research
  • Newsletter creation (Mailchimp)
  • Social media browsing and updating

I work with MS Office 365 but am equally happy working with Google Docs; both methods provide excellent collaboration.  I’m as paperless as it’s possible to be – but you’ll always find me with a notebook to hand!

My retainer packages (paid in advance) are a cost-effective option for many clients and ensure you secure my time each month:

  • £120: 5 hours included, with additional hours at £24/hour
  • £230: 10 hours included, with additional hours at £23/hour
  • £440: 20 hours included, with additional hours at £22/hour

Alternatively you can ‘pay as you go for adhoc work at my hourly rate of £26/hour.  If you have a particular project in mind, I can quote accordingly.

Time tracking software will be used, and all invoices will contain detailed descriptions of how your time has been used.