I became a Virtual Assistant in 2003 when my boss at the time moved to Wales and wanted me to continue working for her as her PA. Between then and 2009 I took on more clients and offered services which included: coordinating a regional accreditation programme, database maintenance, coordinating training and consultancy events, design of publicity materials, providing monthly financial information to company accountant and general PA/office management type roles.

When I started as a VA in 2003 I had two small children and when I finished in 2009 I had 3 and all were at school. It was the perfect fit for me whilst juggling a job I loved with raising a young family. Back then, I didn’t know any other VAs and very few people seemed to know what a ‘virtual’ PA did.

In 2009 I returned to salaried employment with my current client at that time. Between then and now I’ve coordinated a parenting programme across the county, managing a voluntary team of facilitators and my current job (for the past 6 years) has involved providing administrative support to the CEO and board of directors, project coordination, managing all office systems and procedures, arranging meetings and events both in the UK and overseas, database management and maintaining SAGE/budget management.

Last year I had a baby (an older mummy this time around!) and during my maternity leave I started thinking that I’d like to return to VA work. In November, I returned to my salaried job but have been working away behind the scenes planning my business and now Absolute Virtual Assistance is born… I have a website and Facebook page which you can visit for more information and have also been busy posting lots of articles on LinkedIn.